Our story

We opened the toy museum in Lednice in 2014. It was at a time when our dad said that he was already annoyed by his work so far and it was high time to fulfill his life dream – the opening of a toy museum. All our family holidays (at least as far as I can remember) were accompanied by visits to similar museums, and subsequently to flea markets, after which it started to be full of old toys at home. And so it happened that we got the premises, gathered the whole family and a lot of acquaintances for the brigade, added some significantly missing pieces to the collection and really opened the museum in the spring.


This is what it looked like when we were researching how to put the museum together.

And since then, we’ve been having fun telling people the stories of our toys – whether personal or more historical ones – how did anyone even make up a toy like this?

When I go back a little bit, a lot of visitors ask us how will such a passion for collecting even begin? In our case, it was “the fault” of the porcelain doll, which we inherited from our great-grandmother. In the museum you will find her in a place of honor right in the first showcase. And right next to the fireplace you can find the photo in which the great-grandmother is captured as a little girl with THE doll, sometime around 1911.

The doll after the great-grandmother who caused it all and the great-grandmother personally.

If you are lucky and we have a shift, we will be happy to personally take you through a nostalgic experience. We continue to collect and we are happy to adopt, buy, or help identify your toys – just send us a question and a few photos by email. We will also be happy to lend our toys for your exhibition.

In addition to the museum, we also offer family accommodation in two cozy apartments. You can reach the Lednice-Valtice area very easily from us.

Thanks to our whole family and especially to the Pecháček family from the Rychnov Toy Museum, who advised a lot of tips and tricks, and then to my dear friends, creative souls, to the Koláček family, who are responsible for a large part of our photographs and graphics.

Well, that’s us ↓