Entrance Fee

Children that are younger than 6 years are allowed to visit the museum only with the accompaniment of their parents or other adults. Please note the special entrance fee offer for schools and suburban children camp trips. Tour with a commentation is available in czech or english, however for english version it is always better to let us know in advance, since the english speaking guide is present irregularly.

Adults 75 Kč 3 €
Children, Students, Seniors 55 Kč 2.20 €
Familly Ticket (2 adults + 1-2 children) 180 Kč 7.20 €
Familly Ticket (2 adults + 3 children) 220 Kč 8.80 €
Schools trips, suburban children camps 35 Kč 1.30 €
Photo shoot fee 20 Kč 1 €

We accept:

  • cash (CZK, EUR), credit cards, Bitcoin, Litecoin 
    Payment possible only cash